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Spring 2024 Registration

Registration is for coaches only and will be held through TourneyMachine, schedules will be posted on TourneyMchine. COACHES will register their teams NOT parents/players. Fill out one registration form per team. Player fees are below, after the coach submits their roster they will be invoiced according to how many players are on their team.


As of August 1st all players are required to play in the next division. Example, whatever division you play in the fall of 2023 you will play in the spring of 2024.​​​


T-Ball 4U-5U

T-Ball 6U

Coach Pitch: 7U & 8U

Kid Pitch: 9U- 12U






$155 a player

$155 a player

$175 a player

$160 a player

  • Coaches invoiced after roster submission

  • The season is between March 25th - May 24th

  • Games will be played on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings. This does not mean you will play every night of the week.

  • Coaches can turn in liability forms the night of their first game.

  • Individual players looking to be placed on a team please join the conversation on our forum where parents and players can find each other to create a team. Find a Team 

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