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  • Park Admission
  • Coolers
    We ask that you do not bring coolers into the park. Team drinks can be bought at the concession stand for 40 cents for small and 90 cents for large. The concession stand is a major contributor to the operation of the park. Support by the teams playing at the park is appreciated.
  • PETS
    Pets are not allowed in the park, When people bring pets, we ask them to take them to their car or out of the park.
  • NO Alcohol
    NO Alcoholic Beverages are permitted at the park.
    No guns are allowed at the park for any reason.
  • Pregame practice
    Pregame practice in warm up area and outfields only.
  • No one on the infields
    No one is allowed on the infields when they are not in use. Parents are required to supervise young children at all times. Each team is expected to clean the dugout area after each game.
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